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Child Prodigy A Piano Prodigy from the age of three, Jazz was Roy Budd’s first love. From that age, when he was already tapping ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’ with one finger, the piano effortlessly remained his favourite instrument. Meeting Winifred Atwell at 6 Years Old Self taught, Roy had already […]


Charity Organiser

From the age of six, he gave his time and talent to an innumerable number of charitable causes. This became a great part of his life and continued up until his last symphonic concert organised for Unicef at the Barbican in London in 1993. An illustration of his charitable works […]


Composer, Producer, Arranger, Conductor

Aged seven, Roy was starting to compose for himself, and arrange to his taste, some of the famous hits of the time. ‘JMC’, a music journalist, came to his home and wrote “he composed a tune at seven years of age which contains more melody than most popular songs. He […]

Peter Hofmann

Pianist, Child Prodigy

As mentioned, since becoming a Piano Prodigy from an early age, Jazz was Roy Budd’s first love and the piano his favourite instrument. Self taught, Roy had already won several contests. In 1952 he met one of his favourite pianists, Winifred Atwell who was staggered as she listened to him […]

Roy Major Force