Cinema Musica profiles Roy Budd


The German European film music magazine Cinema Musica recently did an 8 page profile on Roy Budd, exploring his life work and background up to the release of The Phantom of the Opera score.

“The Phantom of the Opera is Roy Budd’s masterpiece, a brilliantly orchestrated, thematic

CinemaMusica_Roy Budd Profile

CinemaMusica_Roy Budd Profile

ally rich score in the later Romantic style with which the composer reinvented himself…The theme for the relationship between [the Phantom and Carlotta], moving through all the music, is simultaneously inscrutable and beautiful, fragile and taut, like a variation on Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde.”

Stephan Eicke, 2014 (English translation)

Cinema Musica’s Matthias Büdinger also reviewed the score, giving it 4 stars.

“With exceptional orchestral refinement, and a sublimely gentle British restraint, as though it were a piece by Vaughan-Williams, Budd breathes life into the film with a flowing stream of dark Romantic, at times sumptuously lyrical, melodies….. Budd, jazz musician and musical autodidact, has succeeded with this music in creating a remarkable orchestral work, which is also convincing as an hour-long listening experience per se.”

(English translation)