Get Carter

Get Carter is possibly Roy Budd’s most famous film composition, starring Michael Caine, John Osborne, Britt Ekland, and written and directed by Mike Hodges. Recognised as a cult classic, Get Carter is a violent gangster film, with a terrific raging Michael Caine, aiming to revenge his brother’s death. Roy’s music superbly accentuates the calculated escalation of the violence in the film.

Roy can be seen here playing along with the opening scene of the film:

The 2000 re-make of Get Carter, starring Sylvester Stalone with Mickey Rourke, Alan Cummings and Michael Caine (doing a cameo for fun) used Roy’s very recognisable original sound tracks, rearranged by Tyler Bates. The theme can often be found sampled, as in the 1983 album ‘Dare’ from ‘The Human League’. Most recently, an arrangement has featured on the award winning ad for Honda:


On the DVD release of Roy’s final film score for The Phantom of the Opera, you can watch an interview with Mike Hodges, discussing his experience of filming Get Carter, and working with Roy.