The Phantom of the Opera

Live performance of Roy Budd’s masterpiece at London Coliseum on 8th of October 2017

Digital Poster ExportRoy Budd’s score for the classic silent film The Phantom of the Opera will receive its world premiere on the 8th of October at the London Coliseum.

The music will be performed by the 77 piece Docklands Sinfonia, conducted by Spencer Down.

Please visit this link to book tickets for the performance, which is scheduled to start at 5pm: London Coliseum


The unreleased score by Roy Budd, now available on Amazon

PhantomMishka Productions has worked for over 20 years to get this last beautiful score from Roy Budd finally released, and are proud to present his creation to fans of both Roy’s work and of the classic silent film The Phantom of the Opera.

Since Roy’s death, many composers have written their own scores for The Phantom of the Opera.  Roy’s was the first symphonic score to ever be written for this film, but due to circumstances unfortunately not the first to be released. Let them all pass the test of time.

For recent press and reviews visit the Roy Budd press page.

Review by John Williams, Music for the Movies

“The Phantom of the Opera was more than just another assignment for Roy, he had read stories about the Lon Chaney film whilst collecting famous monster magazines as a young boy, and had created an emotional bonding with the film. From then on his ambition was to write a score for the film. In 1989 he came across a film collector who had an original print, this he bought and lovingly restored to it’s full glory, using an experimental two colour process and original tints of the films original release.

From the opening organ theme, the listener can tell that Roy’s ambition to write the masterpiece for this film has been realised. His ‘Phantom’ theme is heard over the short opening credits, and it undergoes many changes throughout, agitated during the chase sequences and overtly romantic as the Phantom craves for the love of his life, his obsession, Christine. Listen also for the superb ballet music written for the establishing shots within the Paris Opera; luminous and enchanting it is a delight for the ear. The music is always cleanly presented, and never over-orchestrated, these beautiful melodies convey strong emotions. So Roy’s atmospheric and imposing score can always be heard in an unfettered way.

This was Roy Budd’s last score, he died five weeks before the world premiere of the works at the Barbican in London. Listen and remember that this is indeed his greatest achievement, written with compassion and nobility. This release is a fine tribute to a master composer at the height of his creativity.”

The DVD also includes unique extra’s, with an exclusive interview from esteemed film director Mike Hodges, director and writer of the cult-classic Get Carter, for which Roy Budd composed the iconic score. In the interview Mike Hodges discusses the making of Get Carter, and how he took the film from book to screen. Also included is rare footage of Roy Budd playing with the Roy Budd Trio at the 1983 Bob Hope Gala in London.

Also now available for purchase is the limited collectors edition of the soundtrack as a CD release. The CD booklet also includes exclusive photos of Roy conducting and editing the music for The Phantom of the Opera.

“The original Phantom film has been waiting 70 years for the masterpiece score it has always really deserved. Roy Budd has provided such a masterpiece”, quote from Music For The Movies, 1993.

“Roy’s score for The Phantom is exceptional. It enhances the pantomime of the original classic of Lon Chaney no end. I’m sure Chaney himself would be very pleased”, quote from Ray Harryhausen, Visual Effects Creator, Writer and Producer, 1994 (Roy Budd composed the score for ‘Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger’, a Ray Harryhausen film).

How to Purchase

You can purchase the limited collectors edition of the DVD release from Mishka Productions via Amazon here:

The CD release of the score, as a limited collectors edition, can be purchased from Mishka Productions via Amazon here:

Both the DVD and CD are available for UK and International delivery.