As well as five star reviews on Amazon, the recent release of Roy’s final score for silent film, Phantom of the Opera has been gathering press worldwide, a selection of reviews and profiles can be found below:

– Cinema Musica profiles Roy Budd

CinemaMusica_Roy Budd Profile

CinemaMusica_Roy Budd Profile

The German European film music magazine Cinema Musica recently did an 8 page profile on Roy Budd, exploring his life work and background to the release of The Phantom of the Opera score.

“The Phantom of the Opera is Roy Budd’s masterpiece, a brilliantly orchestrated, thematically rich score in the later Romantic style with which the composer reinvented himself…The theme for the relationship between [the Phantom and Carlotta], moving through all the music, is simultaneously inscrutable and beautiful, fragile and taut, like a variation on Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde.”

Stephan Eicke, 2014 (English translation)

four-stars 4 star review

With exceptional orchestral refinement, and a sublimely gentle British restraint, as though it were a piece by Vaughan-Williams, Budd breathes life into the film with a flowing stream of dark Romantic, at times sumptuously lyrical, melodies….. Budd, jazz musician and musical autodidact, has succeeded with this music in creating a remarkable orchestral work, which is also convincing as an hour-long listening experience per se.”

Matthias Büdinger, 2014 (English translation)

– Film Score Monthly Review

The online magazine for film score and music fans Film Score Monthly reviewed The Phantom of the Opera (subscriber section).

An extract from the review below:

“Scored for a massive orchestra with organ and harpsichord, Budd’s work is amazing to behold. ‘Backstage at the Opera House’ opens the disc with a presentation of what will become a theme for the Phantom, played first on organ before a lush orchestral version takes center stage; this sweeping main theme is among Budd’s finest.”

Steven A Kennedy, 2014

– Rue Morgan reviews Phantom of the Opera

“Big and robust with many surprises, I doubt I’m alone in wishing Budd’s music will tour in a live format, offering fans the chance to see the film with a full orchestra when POTO turns 90 next year”

Mark R Hasan, Sept 2014

Full text on Rue Morgan.

– KQEK review

“Emphasizing romance with a gorgeous main theme, Budd’s music benefits from a huge orchestra and superb engineering which showcase his gift for melody, but it’s arguably Budd’s knack for keeping an eye on pacing which makes his POTO score such a rewarding experience. On edited CD, the music flows naturally, twisting through the oft-repeated love theme and shades of the Phantom theme.

Budd’s score evolves into an increasingly perfect marriage of classical film scoring with modern touches with each viewing, and while it may be a rare occurrence to experience the score + film in a live setting, the DVD is the next best thing, offering a clean presentation of the score with a transfer of a film print originally purchased by Budd.”

Full text on KQEK

– Movie Music International review

“Roy Budd’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA score is a masterpiece of film scoring, the composer has created a work that is overflowing with rich and lush thematic material, sweeping string passages and growling brass flourishes adorn the score but it is also a soundtrack that contains a more delicate, intimate and romantic side…. This is a score that is simply a must have item, an essential purchase in fact it is something that all film music connoisseurs should have in their collection. Has it been worth the wait, YES IT HAS…”

John Mansell, August 2014. Full text on Movie Music International.

– The Second Disc Friday Feature review

“Budd imbued his Phantom with a melodically rich, classical sensibility…While beautifully adding a new dimension to the original silent picture, Budd’s atmospheric score also can be heard as an elegy for, and tribute to, a bygone style of symphonic music for the cinema.”

The Second Disc, August 2014. Full text on The Second Disc.

five-stars Five stars for all Amazon reviews

“At long last this magnificent Silent Film Score has been released and it really is a wonderful achievement by Roy Budd at every level of film scoring. It has everything a symphonic score should have…. action…suspense…mood and tragic music that adds to the aura of The Phantom . …. Budd proves particularly adept at utilising the full orchestral forces to all the films scenes….and is capable of some truly wonderful moments of musical understatement. This is without doubt THE film score release of 2014 ……”